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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Saudi Arabia sets aside $13b for acquisition of a "leading game publisher"

Ryuu96 said:
SegaHeart said:

I got this from a user in a website, We need Japan doing this for Nintendo It's Japan Culture and Do it for Sega and Capcom to be 3rd parties forever Except Sega hopeful Console comeback .and Not have Fireign try buy Japanese post is old.

To be clear, those companies can still theoretically be acquired but will face tough scrutiny from Japan and it's mostly aimed at China, I don't think Japan has any issue with Saudi Arabia politically.

Sony is Cat 3 which is the highest.

  • (III) - Companies conducting business activities in core sectors.

These are basically companies that are important to national security, Sega and Capcom will never make Cat 3. They're both Cat 1 which lists every single publicly listed company in Japan.

  • (I) - Companies conducting business activities only in non-designated business sectors (subject to post-investment report only).

The law has always in some form existed, but it used to be that Japan would investigate anything over 10%, now it's anything over 1% for Cat 2/3 companies.

Nexon and Nintendo are Cat 2.

  • (II) - Companies conducting business activities in designated business sectors other than core sectors.

But as I said, even Cat III can be acquired, it's just a lot harder, Sharp Corporation is Cat III but owned by Foxconn since Japan has no issue with Taiwan. Nissan is Cat III but 66% of it is owned by foreign entities and its single largest shareholder is a French company.

To be fair both examples u listed was a while back and on the verge of bankrupt. 

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Fucking hell!!!

I don't have anything else to say.

I’d imagine any games they release will be censored quite a bit.

Capcom: $5.6b
Koei Tecmo- $5.5b
Square Enix: $5.1b

Is that really true? Koei Tecmo has really grown massively. I see now that shares are 3x what they were 3 years ago.

All of those exclusive agreements with Nintendo and Sony have really set them up for success.

Déi Sau di Araber!

I really wish nothing comes of it. At least it's not as mindboggling batshit crazy as their project Neom and especially The Line...

Edit: Some videos on The Line and how crazy it is:

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Shatts said:
Dallinor said:

I would bet almost anything its Embracer.

Saudi Arabia already own 8.1% of Embracer (from an investment of $1 billion in June 2022) and we've been saying for a long time that the entire idea of Embracer, was a company set up to be bought out eventually.

They spent $1 billion on 8.1% so the remaining 91.9% at the same price would be - $11.34 billion. Include a premium its bang on the money.

I mean best case scenario for me is Embracer bcuz I don't really care too much about their games

This was 100% my thinking. They pretty much have been buying dead franchises. 

I know people are defending Capcom because the prince like fighting games. But I don't care for Capcom either. The only game they made I like resident evil they took it first person and ruined it for me. They can go as wel. 

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.

is any mobile game publisher worth billiions? could be something in that space



CaptainExplosion said:
SegaHeart said:

I see now why Saudi Arabia hate woman.

It's like they have an irrational fear of the opposite sex.

The Saudi government apparently was investigating that video, which obviously means they're gonna try covering it up.

Has anything good ever come from Saudi Arabia?

I mean, SNK is owned by the prince and we still have characters like this in KOF XV:

I think gay characters are far more likely to be scrubbed than female ones, even if skimpy dressed.






Can't they just invest in something else? Go away lol

CaptainExplosion said:
haxxiy said:

That doesn't count, the game is of Japanese origin, and it won't just be gay characters scrubbed but Jewish ones too, all because Saudi Arabia can just bribe their way out of actual consequences. That's why their only punishment for 9/11 was financially compensating families of the victims. Basically it was Saudi Arabia saying "Yes, we did 9/11, here's some money, now fuck off.".

Just rich people getting away with murder as usual, and now they're gonna ruin gaming.

Yes, but whatever developer SA buys isn't going to move to SA. They're still going to be located in Japan, Sweden, etc.

That being said, when SNK was owned by a Chinese conglomerate, a lot of re-releases where modified not to feature ROC/HK stuff, so yeah, you'll definitely see petty authoritarian grievances seeping into what is acceptable content and what is not.

At least MBS is supposedly a huge gamer so I don't see him hopefully messing too much on whatever SA acquires.