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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 36, 2022 (Aug 29 - Sep 04)

Kyuu said:

This confirms that EDF6 had a very high digital ratio (60%-70%). Between this, Elden Ring, and Sony's own survey, it's safe to say that digital is a big market in Japan for Playstation (and even bigger for 3rd parties when counting Xbox and PC which are 99% digital) Not necessarily 60%-70% for every full game, but 40%-50% on average sounds likely. It doesn't make PS look good mind you, but it does make a difference.

This is where I would put the PS5 digital split in Japan as well. I'm interested in GT7's digital split. With a higher digital ratio, it could be the first PlayStation Studios title to sell 1M+ in Japan, in a very long time. 

At the very least, with a 50% split like Elden Ring and EDF6, sales of GT7 would be over 500K+.

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tbone51 said:
curl-6 said:

Switch has built up a buffer of almost a million against 2019 YTD, hopefully enough to counterbalance that year having both the system's first mainline Pokemon and the Lite in the back half.

2019 is not getting close to 2022. 2022 is going to sell a few hundred thousand over it in total sales for the year. 2022 is at 2977k currently with 16 weeks left. We have to see how much over 4500k 2022 will be. 2022 will sense 3rd best year.

There is a possibility of near 200k happening next week in sales alone for example 

Agreed. 2022 is gonna hit a million over 2019 before the Lite bump happens, it'll probably drop to 800k lead after that. It will surely be a smaller holiday season this year than 2019 so I could see it dropping to like a 400k lead over 2019 by end of the year: meaning 4.8-4.9m for the year.