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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - How Extremely Super unhappy you are that Grim Fandango 2 will never be made because of the genre it is?

This game shas GF vibes and it awesome

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The_Liquid_Laser said:
SegaHeart said:

Recommends Broken Age

SvennoJ said:

I didn't like Broken Age all that much (backed it, played part 1, started part 2 and never finished it), so maybe better he doesn't make a sequel :/

So I'm actually relieved it will stay a singular game. The remaster was great with the commentaries. Games should do that more often.

Doesn't like Broken Age

I'm conflicted if I should try it?

Well, I can say that I didn't back the kickstarter, and I bought both parts all at once, and I did finish it.  I think they improved some parts as they went.  Also, I don't really need hard puzzles, so I thought part one puzzles were the right difficulty, but I looked up the answers from a couple of part 2 puzzles.  But a hardcore Adventure game fan may find the part 1 puzzles too easy.  Lastly, I want to say the English voice acting is awesome and uses some celebrities like Elijah Wood, but you may not get much value from that if you don't play the English version.

Overall, the ideal way to play it is all at once and in English, while the worst way to play it is in parts and not in English.  I don't know if that makes your decision easier or harder.

Yeah, the long break killed it for me. Puzzles were just right in the first part, second one became frustrating and a lot of stuff had already sunk to the back of my mind. I did like the first part when it came out, yet the big to be continued was a killer.