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Forums - PC Discussion - Rune factory 5 heading to PC

Title pretty much says it all

If you have been wanting for the game but holding out, then you are able to pick the game up on July 13th on PC via steam.

Both the standard and special edition will be available.

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Like with most Nintendo switch games to PC (and other platforms) I am seeing a lot of buyers remorse, few have even said they wished they could be offered a refund for the switch.
Anyone here feel the same way

I haven't played it on the switch but I might get it on steam during a sale.


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I still need to get the 4th one on Steam

Already wishlisted it on Steam for the 5th one - will get it in the future.


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i have the 4th and 5th wishlisted on Steam. Always wanted to play RF, may just skip RF4 and buy RF5, unless I'm missing out on connected stories etc etc?