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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard is the best thing because...

Activision is misshandling their studios, Toys for bob that made Crash 4 can't make Crash 5 because they are now a support studio for Call of Duty. Vicarious Vision wanted to do Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 + 4  but got absorbed into Blizzard. I hope the Purchase is finaled this year I really want Vicarious Vsion to comeback and make remake of Tony Hawk 3 + 4 and Toys for bob make Crash 5. Activision is killing their developers again like EA killed Dead Space developers. Microsoft will save those 2 Toys for Bob and Vicarious Visions. And whatever news other developers.

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MS doesn't have the best history managing studios either.

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I'm just happy about it because I'll probably finally get to play Crash 4. Not interested in consoles and I'm certainly never using Activision's (sounds even worse than Epic!).

Microsoft have shown they're very happy to release all of their games on Steam so I'm happy.

I think the Microsoft of today is definitely a different Microsoft from years gone... The fact they were willing to invest in relatively 'niche titles like Halo Wars 2 is a testament to that I think.

They aren't afraid to splash cash if it means they can push their services either.

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I thought Toys for Bob was making a MP Crash game?


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Not really. If what we are told is true, Activision+Blizzard will manage its studio, as does Bethesda and others without MS interfering. So since it was Activision decision to do CoD all long that wouldn't change. We haven't heard of MS breaking up Activision to multiple individual studios (and they didn't with Bethesda).

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Leynos said:

MS doesn't have the best history managing studios either.

It would appear to me that MS will take Blizzard into more of a GaS direction, which is certainly not what I would have liked. The latest job announcements for Diablo 4 also point towards this. I think Blizzard will remain a pariah for gamers regardless of who buys them. It's a bit too late.

All that said, the Acti/Blizz combo has been atrocious from the beginning, like most of us figured it would be.

Yeah, it’ll be very interesting to see what MS does with all the new studios. Looking at what some of the studios they acquired have said about being an XGS team (Playground, inXile, Ninja, Double Fine, Obsidian, etc) it’s not hard to imagine MS sending an influx of resources and allowing them to make something good. Only downside is it’ll take years to see any fruits.

But no, the BEST part, assuming the deal goes through, is all the games that will come to GamePass.

Doesn’t it also depend on the talent without n the studio? I mean, the company is the name; if the talented creators decide they want to leave then the studio is is just a husk.

But yeah I’m sure MS is better at retention than other publishers

I dont know. MS dosent have a good track record. I dont doubt they could let a b or c tier studio give a crack at thouse old IPs. But I dont expect a AAA budget revival of games that dint sell well in the past. Just expect more cash grabs from this publisher coming to gamepass.

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