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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase 2022 thread- Starting now!


Rate the Xbox/Bethesda showcase?

10 7 10.14%
9 11 15.94%
8 14 20.29%
7 10 14.49%
6 13 18.84%
5 4 5.80%
4 5 7.25%
3 3 4.35%
2/1 1 1.45%
Undecided/NA 1 1.45%
VAMatt said:

I don't see any value to a Gears collection unless there are some new remasters in there. 

I just want access to 2, 3 and Judgment lol

I already finished 1 and 4 through Gamepass on PC.

(Also wouldnt mind 1 and 4 on Steam too).

Got 5 on Steam and still need to play it lol


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First set of Bingo Cards, images are hyperlinked to the users Bingo Card.

2 days to go guys, get hyped!

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Please have Perfect Dark!!

Lots of Xbox conference stuff is leaking. Reminder, this is a spoiler free zone, if you post about a leak it had better be in spoiler tags, preferable not to post it at all.

The conference has now been confirmed to be 95 minutes long by Aaron Greenburg.


I'm pretty excited for this conference, but I think this whole no spoiler thing for a marketing event is so bizarre.
But you guys do you of course. Hope you enjoy the announcements on Sunday!