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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase 2022 thread- Starting now!


Rate the Xbox/Bethesda showcase?

10 7 10.14%
9 11 15.94%
8 14 20.29%
7 10 14.49%
6 13 18.84%
5 4 5.80%
4 5 7.25%
3 3 4.35%
2/1 1 1.45%
Undecided/NA 1 1.45%

Welcome to the Official Xbox & Bethesda Summer Games Showcase Thread (approved by Ryuu96)

Sunday June 12 or Monday June 13 depending on time zone

Pacific Daylight Time 10 AM June 12
Mountain Daylight Time 11 AM June 12
Central Daylight Time 12 PM/Noon June 12
Eastern Daylight Time 1 PM June 12
British Summer Time/Western European Summer Time 6 PM June 12
Central European Summer Time 7 PM June 12
Eastern European Summer Time 8 PM June 12
Australia Western Standard Time 1 AM June 13
Japan Standard Time 2 AM June 13
Australian Central Standard Time 2:30 AM June 13
Australian Eastern Standard Time 3 AM June 13

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(in my opinion)


Starfield gameplay demo or trailer

Redfall gameplay demo or trailer

Avowed gameplay demo or trailer

Forza Motorsport gameplay demo or trailer

Obsidian Josh Sawyer team "Pentiment" reveal

Age of Empires 4 Xbox port

As Dusk Falls gameplay trailer

Contraband gameplay demo or trailer

Stoic Studio Project Belfry reveal

Forza Horizon 5 first expansion reveal

Halo Infinite battle royale mode reveal

Other Long term Support game updates (Sea of Thieves, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Flight Simulator)

3rd party exclusive/timed exclusive updates (Scorn, Warhammer 40K Darktide, Bright Memory Infinite, etc)

3rd party multiplat Xbox marketing deal game reveals

Various ID@Xbox games both new and previously announced


Fable in-engine trailer

Compulsion Games Project Midnight reveal

Wolfenstein 3 reveal

Deathloop DLC reveal and Xbox Complete Edition port

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Xbox port

Persona Xbox ports

Hellblade 2 new gameplay or a story trailer

Project Mara gameplay trailer

The Coalition new AA IP reveal

Brass Lion Entertainment Project Shaolin reveal

Overwatch 2 trailer

Diablo 4 trailer

Gears Collection reveal


State of Decay 3


Elder Scrolls 6

Fallout 5/new main series game (a remaster or remake of an older game would be more likely)

Gears 6

Doom 3 (current series)

Quake reboot

Indiana Jones in-engine/gameplay trailer

IO Interactive Project Dragon reveal

Certain Affinity Project Suerte reveal

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To be updated after showcase

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10 days!

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tagging avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Hoping for Gears Collection to be true.


Basil's YouTube Channel


BasilZero said:

Hoping for Gears Collection to be true.

I don't see any value to a Gears collection unless there are some new remasters in there. 

VAMatt said:
BasilZero said:

Hoping for Gears Collection to be true.

I don't see any value to a Gears collection unless there are some new remasters in there. 

Yeah, they need to at least remake 2 and 3 for Gears Collection to be worthwhile imo. We only saw the first leaks about Gears Collection earlier this year, and some leaks have suggested a 2022 release. I just don't see how they have had time to remake 2 and 3 like they did Gears 1 last generation, they should wait to release it until Holiday 2023 to remake 2 and 3 graphics.