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I've been kinda busy with my new purchase. I'm sure you understand.



So... whaddaya think? Naz thought I was dangerously addicted with only half of that amount. =P 

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Peggle extreme less than one hour? be ashamed...

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WHOA...You played over 60 hours of PC ONLY games in 2 weeks??


That's not even counting playing through all of Condemned, some Europa Universalis 3, and a bit of Touhou. Of course something like 5-10 hours of the TF2 is by my roommate.

Guess grossly neglecting the forums like this is why I never got into Section 8, right? =P

I was going to invite you... but was closed...

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we've missed u :)

wow, you've been busy playing a lot

I didn't even notice you were gone.


Is TF2 really that good though? I've only heard good things. And I really want to play portal.

What's with the language flip-flopping on that steam?

Nice list, but you need to play more portal.

I wanna take you on in TF2. That game rocks out :)