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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your favorite video game studios that don't exist anymore?

Main one is Psygnosis. They gave us Wipeout, G-Police, Colony Wars and Rollcage, among other games as devs and published loads more.

Hmm, pie.

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Some good names there

Freelancer and B&W2 were couple of my favourite games of all time. I always wanted a Star Fox to grow into a cross between Star Fox Adventures and Freelander lol.

Sierra was also mentioned, loved that they got Starseige Tribes out and allowed the community to create mods for it.



Psygnosis, Bullfrog, Westwood, Sierra, among others.

I would also add Bioware and Blizzard, simply because they're dead to me in their current state.

Red Company (Sakura Wars, Far East of Eden, Thousand Arms)

Human Entertainment (Clock Tower)

Working Designs. Yes, they're a publisher and not a developer, and people nowadays criticize their localizations with the Clinton and M&M jokes and the "tweaks" to the gameplay that made some of the games unnecessarily difficult, but damn, did they bring us some good games.

Data East (Bad Dudes, Chelnov, Karnov, Midnight Resistance, a lot of pinball machines)

I miss a lot of the old Enix studios. Quintet (ActRaiser, SoulBlazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Granstream Saga), Produce! (7th Saga, Brain Lord), Givro (Wonder Project).

Also haven't heard anything from Treasure in over ten years, so safe to assume they're gone.

I thought of another one: Flagship Studios, which handled the Nintendo/Capcom Zelda games and some of the stuff in Resident Evil.

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SquareSoft which also led to Sakaguchi's downfall in the VG industry really.

Rare pre-Microsoft buyout.

Alphadream (RIP Mario's best RPG series)

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Mar1217 said:

SquareSoft which also led to Sakaguchi's downfall in the VG industry really.

The Spirits Within was a huge mistake. It should never have been made.

Midway is the only one that comes to mind.