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Forums - Sony Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy or Spyro Trilogy? (PS1 only)


The best one is...

Crash Trilogy 12 75.00%
Spyro Trilogy 3 18.75%
Can't decide / both 1 6.25%

What is your favorite trilogy for PS1?

I am asking this because I can't decide, so I want to see opinions about it. By the way, the remakes are not being considered here, since they came much later.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

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Spyro easily.

Always felt Crash games were kinda terrible. Felt very limited compared to other better 3D platformers of the era. Spyro had large open areas, it was fun and impressive draw distance. Loved the ads at the time with the sheep.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

hmm, probably Spyro.

I prefer Crash, but Crash 1 was way below Crash 2/3. All 3 of the Spyro games were great though.

Crash all day, every day and twice on Sunday!

The Spyro games were fine but they just didn't have that lasting impact on my gaming psyche like Crash did. From the difficulty, to the OST and even the charm of the main character, Crash is something else. Crash (3) Warped is my all-time favorite platforming game, still a blast to play to this day.

I could never get into crash

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Crash but mainly because Crash 2 is basically one of my favourite game of all time.

Hmm, pie.

I enjoyed Crash at the time, but after replaying Crash 1 inside of the Uncharted game, I got kind of annoyed with it.

Spyro I can enjoy anytime. Might replay the trilogy once every 10 years or so.