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Forums - Politics Discussion - Honduras Ex president charged, and arrested.

The politics of Honduras are interesting. In 2009 the social democratic president Zelaya was overthrown in a coup. The former conservative President Hernandez was charged by the US’s DEA for drug trafficking. So he is being sent to the US to answer to their courts. Although, the US court system is notoriously corrupt as far as Western courts go, it’s still likely he’ll get a fair trial (The US is still a far cry from Russia, Belarus, or Turkmenistan we’re talking about). It’s also unlikely one of these situations like what happened with Lula in Brazil as a means of a tyrant eliminating a political rival, as Hernandez is the US’s guy, and Xiomara Castro (current President) works against US interests.

A decade ago, President Zelaya was overthrown in a coup. Given he was a social Democrat and working against American interests, this stunk a bit. But he’s now back as the first gentleman of Honduras. Current President Xiomara Castro is his wife. She represents the Libre party (Democratic Socialism).

Honduras (like many other countries in the Caribbean and Latin American world) has been an unofficial vassal of the US through the platform of capitalism. Many of the business leaders in the country being either American, or with strong ties to American interests - these include business leaders of European (including German) origin. Their kids go to school in countries like France, the US, and Canada.

It’s been nearly 15 years since I had any serious dealings with Honduras, but my guess would be that people are sick of American dominance. Although, maybe someone from Honduras could give a more accurate assessment of what’s going on in the country. The people I knew were on the right-wing capitalist side (living in Sam Pedro Sula), anyway, so I don’t even really know anyone from leftist side of Honduran politics. I’ve mostly just gleaned it.

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