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I'm pleased to be able to announce that @Bandorr  has joined the Admin team!

He's just been given his reds and will be a much needed extra pair of hands for all things code related - bug fixes, QoL improvements, new features, all that good and often complex stuff.

I want to think him for offering to help out; it's been great to see his enthusiasm for developing the site and brainstorming solutions to the already lengthy list of tasks we've shown him xD

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Congrats Bandorr! He’s been great on the mod team so I’m sure he’ll bring a great presence to the admin team as well!

Thank you Bandorr for willing to take on the responsibility of helping with the code for the site. There is a long list of things that need fixing and other QoL features that we haven't been able to work on for many months now.

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Yup, yup! Congrats bud! And thank you Machina for working with me on this!


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Look forward to seeing updates to the site!

For Bandorr!

Nice. Appreciate the hard work you guys put in.

Nice! I'm sure he'll make a great addition to the Admin team!

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Definitely needed! Good luck to him, and great to have somebody else looking after the site.

CGI-Quality said:

Yup, yup! Congrats bud! And thank you Machina for working with me on this!

A pleasure - thank you for reaching out and getting the ball rolling in the first place :)