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Your videos/reviews are pretty good and I'll continue watching them when you post about them on here. Not saying much but I hardly watch YouTube videos and never subscribe to anyone.

That being said I would like to remind that angry video game nerd used to be angry Nintendo nerd. I was even friends with him on myspace when he was first making a name for himself. He expanded beyond Nintendo games and found an audience. Not sure how he is doing now and haven't watched a video from him in ages but he was able to transition from Nintendo to everyone. Although he mainly just specialized in making fun of shit games.

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numberwang said:

What I am noticing is an unusual high like/view ratio on your videos typically around 30 likes per 100 views. Everything above 10% likes/view ration is very rare. There are two explanations:

a) you have a small but very dedicated fan club of around 30 followers that like nearly every video instantly
b) someone is buying bot likes for your videos. The problem with like bots is that they don't actually watch your vids and yt algos are optimized for long view retention. This will lead de facto to a shadow ban or very low algo ranking of your vids and this low overall views.

There is a LOT more to unpack, here.  Though, I can tell you it's (a) pretty easily thanks to data that, once again not mocking you, is not publicly available which prevents you from getting the whole picture.  Granted, there are a few "fans" that I'm pretty sure use multiple accounts: there are some people who, when they comment, I consistently see the Likes go up by 2 or 3.  Fortunately, that's just a few of them, and they seem to be aware that does damage if they use their alt accounts and only watch for 5 seconds to hit the Like button which leads to the data that proves it's (a):

- Audience retention is the percentage that someone watched a video for, something you can't see publicly.  If bots were used to boost Likes, the audience retention percent would PLUMMET because the bots would only watch for 1-2 seconds before closing the video.

- If you want to know the "organic" viewerbase, it's about 50-70 viewers, and between 20-30 likes that are purely organic.  Just for you, I just took this screen grab of my GT7 review as I haven't posted it here, yet, so it's running on nearly pure organic metrics at the moment.  The video is 5 min long, and you can see the audience retention is a healthy >60%, and the likes/dislikes are at 29/1 with a healthy CTR (click through rate) because the only people watching it right now are people subbed to my channel.  Of course, the next statements I'm going to make will really back your noodle.

- Posting videos here and on N4G is actually what does damage to my channel.  Example: when I post videos here, I get about 10-15 views on average (yea, not a lot!), and maybe between 20-30 if the thread creates discussion.  Of these views, most of those are fractional: the audience retention drops by an average of 20 seconds when videos are posted here.  I've been tracking it, funnily enough, done by posting here individually and not anywhere else on a given day.  Additionally, YouTube CLAIMS that the CTR is only from YouTube impressions, but that's not true, either: when posted here, the CTR drops anywhere from 1%-1.5% consistently.  I post here because this is one of the OG forums I used to be on and I know there are some good people, here.  I don't actually benefit from posting here other than a handful of views, it actually does damage to my channel to be posting here (and N4G to a lesser extent at N4G mostly drives readers to my site as opposed to watchers of videos) 

But of course, there are many things that you also cannot see that allow me to extrapolate more information than is ever going to be publicly available.  Let me tell you a really fun one: I think with your data-driven mindset, this one will be worth a good tongue-in-cheek chuckle!

During season one, I started tracking CTR and audience retention based on the thumbnail as I started to develop a format.  Guess what?  When the thumbnail does NOT contain my face, the CTR is higher, but there is a STEEP drop-off in audience retention once my face appears.  When the thumbnail DOES contain my face, the CTR is lower, but the audience retention is far more stable because it's clear the person saw my face and does not mind and continues to watch the video.  Obviously there are variables such as content and relativity to what's "hot", but I tracked it over the course of nearly half a year before I made the decision to just not have my face in the thumbnail because the higher CTR was overall better than the higher audience retention (though realistically, one would want both!).

This data alone says so much about both subtle racism and also how people judge others before they've even heard a single word or know a damned thing about them.  Just my face, alone, was a factor in the data.  So now, for season two, knowing my caricature is niche, I put my face in all reviews.  And get this, even in season two, this data still proves true: thumbnails that DON'T have my face have a high CTR but DRAMATICALLY drop off a CLIFF once I appear with my "howdy hidey ho".  You can see the quality of the content hasn't even been reached, yet!

The world's a crazy place, and sometimes the truth is in the numbers.  Ergo, I very much understand why so much of modern technology runs off data and not "feedback".  What people tell you and how they think often differ: most people aren't honest enough AND we've made strides in lambasting sexism and racism since, as you can guess, it's wrong to genuinely mock/hurt someone for something they did not choose at birth.  I sure as hell didn't choose to be born an ugly ass Asian dude, I can tell you that! lmao

Anyway, I think we've digressed a bit too much, but know that I very much understand data, and that I'm on your side, here, that my channel isn't doing too great...  But hey, as long as I'm helping someone to make better buying decisions and maybe get a chuckle or two, at least I'm doing SOMETHING for others, right?

sethnintendo said:

Your videos/reviews are pretty good and I'll continue watching them when you post about them on here. Not saying much but I hardly watch YouTube videos and never subscribe to anyone.

That being said I would like to remind that angry video game nerd used to be angry Nintendo nerd. I was even friends with him on myspace when he was first making a name for himself. He expanded beyond Nintendo games and found an audience. Not sure how he is doing now and haven't watched a video from him in ages but he was able to transition from Nintendo to everyone. Although he mainly just specialized in making fun of shit games.

Yea, that's what I had said before: if I had stuck with just Nintendo, surely I'd have built a much later following FIRST before shifting to my "true nature".  But also, hindsight is always 20/20 lmao... That, and I'm a pretty "out there" kind of guy, I hate deceiving people.  I'd make a fucking terrible politician!

Check out my entertainment gaming channel!
ZyroXZ2 said:
Dulfite said:

I see you've come out of the fetal position I left you in after my last pwning of you. Good for you!

As technology has it, I can do more damage from the fetal position in my pajamas before my first cup o' joe than you can in a single day.

VAMatt said:

You interviewed Mario?

's biggest fan.

barneystinson69 said:

Haven't watched a video from you in years. The cowboy hat drew me in though xD

I've been back for over a year, posting here (much to the chagrin of many regulars here lol)... Where have you been all this time? lol

numberwang said:

I am surprised your channel hasn't taken off more.

I'm not which leads into the later posts lol

sethnintendo said:

Maybe he needs to grow a real mustache.  I'm not a fan of them though.

numberwang said:

His stats are too low for someone with a >10 year channel and >350 vids in good quality. There are around 50 views a day for the whole channel. He might be shadow banned from yt.

I didn't think this thread would switch to being about my channel, but I have discussed this ad nauseum before so I figure a little synopsis here won't hurt.

I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years (5 years will be in October!).  My first "season" stint was 3 years, and then I came back in Oct 2020 for the current gen consoles, so Oct 2022 will be 3 years + 2 years.  My account was a personal one that I converted to a channel: let's just call that poor insight at the start lol

Having said that, 3.1K subs in that time is NOT good numbers.  This is not untrue at all that I'm definitely not doing the kinds of numbers I should be for "quality" content (though I beg to differ there, I don't consider myself quality haha!).  However, there is SO much more to this than it looks from basic data you find and that's because YouTube has far deeper analytics only visible to the YouTuber themselves that cannot be publicly seen.  So here's more of a detailed summary, and then at the end I'll address YouTube's "shadow ban" thing at the end.

I do not and will never have mass appeal simply because I follow a very lightly tread path.  As a singular YouTuber, doing all platforms without preferences or bias is on its own a very unpopular train of thought.  Just about every large YouTuber never got there this way: they have a core fanbase and a core focus platform.  This can be proven with data.  When I first started out, I came out the gate REALLY strong: I was clocking nearly 100 subs average a month!  But it was all Nintendo stuff, despite the fact that I had ALWAYS planned from the very start to do all the platforms.  I would have thought that my third episode ever where I whooped out my gaming PC would have been a clear indicator I was not a "Nintendo only" person.  I made it clear I grew up on them which is why I started with them.  So when I added the Xbox One to the channel, my average monthly subs slowed down to nearly half what I was gaining beforehand.

But of course, I kept pressing on, figuring that would work itself out.  It appeared as if I pulled back slightly from Nintendo simply because I was now doing Xbox content, though I clearly didn't as it was simply the limitation of only being one human being.  But then, it was finally time to add the final platform to the channel, and that is where things turned bad.  When I added the PlayStation 4 to my channel, my average monthly subs slowed down to NEARLY A HALT. I sometimes only managed 10-20 subs in an entire month, and that was a GOOD month.  Socialblade doesn't display things accurately: it only shows you the publicized count which is in increments of 10 once over 1000 subs.

From there, it was clear to me my path was not going to work, and I was still getting review copies from Nintendo at the time, but there was no denying that once my channel had all the platforms, the "interest" waned dramatically.  This also goes a bit into the data and YouTube side, and know that I am in no way defending YouTube in the following statement: YouTube is struggling to "find" people because as aforementioned, there simply aren't that many who don't have clear/singular platform focuses.  So let me give you an example breakdown so you can see what's happening from YouTube's perspective:

- Suppose I post 4 videos per month, and one is a PlayStation exclusive, another is a Nintendo exclusive, another is a Halo discussion video, and the fourth is, say, a non-platform specific video

- YouTube will try to show the PlayStation video to people subbed to me who watch mostly PlayStation videos.  Sure, that person has no beef with Nintendo or Xbox, but they ignore both of those videos because their preference is PlayStation

- This person has now ignored 3 out of the 4 videos for that month.  This tells YouTube that person's interest in my channel is very low, especially if they didn't even interact (read: comment) on that one video they watched and it lowers my ranking in their sub feed and recommendations continuously UNTIL...

- I've literally had FRIENDS tell me I haven't posted a video in MONTHS.  I told one of them that I post every week, and he said, "really? I thought you stopped posting videos".

So you see?  It's not a shadow ban so much as it is YouTube struggling to present my content to like-minded people simply because they do not exist in large numbers.  I'm not exactly shadowbanned, but my videos RARELY show up for anyone who DOESN'T turn on All notifications (and even that, one of my longtime fans said he had "all" notifications on and didn't get one; he simply knew I post videos every Thurs morning!) simply because my ranking is so low for just about everyone subbed to me EXCEPT for people who watch every video and comment regularly.

So after all that, you can see there's a large "data" problem I'm facing.  Add to that another factor: I am no longer monetized.  This means YouTube doesn't make money off my channel/videos, so you add that to the data problem and it all comes together and makes sense that I'm not long for gaming.  I don't belong here, and where I've gotten now is actually, in some ways, its own impressive feat as I am CONSTANTLY swimming upstream.  In some ways, this meme applies to me despite there not being anyone managing me on YouTube lol

I do thank you few who have kind words for me and wish to see me doing big numbers, but that's just not in the cards for me, so I'm doing what I can for the few this matters to!

Extremely late reply, but idk life just got busy the last few years and haven't been on here as much. Still come on intermittently however to see what is up.

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).

Probably the best video you have made so far

It bugs me how the "insider" pronounces Arceus.