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ATACMS are a badass ground launched missile system. Slava ATACMS !!!

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When will the Russians realize what a disaster their war is and the stupidity of continuing?

The question indicates ignorance. The Russian system doesn't work like that. Autocracies are mutually incompatible with a large, prosperous and free middle class. The more functional the autocratic system, the more dysfunctional the society. What is good for autocracy is bad for society (and vice versa).

In the 2000s, Russian GDP broke records every year. The technocrats of the system managed to ensure that some of that wealth reached the people. The result was massive protests in 2011-2013. The system will not make that mistake again. By the way, the current defense minister Belousov never tired of repeating in the 2000s that the growth of the middle class is a danger that must be addressed preventively. Belousov is a man of the system.

Autocracies need competent technocrats to make the system work. They just have to make sure they keep them under control. One way to achieve this is to make everyone "corrupt" so you can get rid of them when necessary. They dictate crazy laws that are impossible not to break. In this way all technocrats are criminals who only exist until the system decides otherwise. That makes them dependent and controllable. Another way is through complete surveillance using Chinese methods.

The Russian system is not concerned about losing business: the people who previously worked in them will now have to enlist to earn their bread. Nor is he concerned that the population's standard of living will collapse: the more "hungry" the population is, the more stable the system is.

The Russian system wants to continue with the war. They will continue like this for about two years. Then you can continue, you just have to lower the intensity.

In short: there will only be peace with these people when we have burned their human, military and economic resources. When they can't keep going, that's when they'll stop giving. The bad thing is that this is going to take years.

The question everyone is asking is China. And no one can answer it.

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Reportedly GB and France are in favour too but if that was the case then why is Storm Shadow still blocked? I'm not willing to put them on the "For" list yet until I see a Storm Shadow hitting Russia.


Shame this works on cowards like Scholz.

Redline #5,000!