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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

Could be 1:20 or more if Ukraine could destroy the artillery/mlrs systems behind their border shooting non-stop on Ukrainian positions.

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Meanwhile I argue with people who say Russia wants protection from America placing its nukes on Russia's border, which they've never done, meanwhile Russia has nukes bordering multiple NATO countries, all of whom don't have American nukes or their own nukes, the sheer hypocrisy of these arguments is unbelievable, Lol.

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"We have allowed all those production facilities to be closed down after the end of the cold war. It costs money to persuade companies to keep production lines in reserve. We just didn't pay the money. That was part of the peace dividend. And with hindsight it looks like a mistake. It is obvious that Europe is lagging behind, and the EU's defence and technological and industrial base suffers from years of underinvestment."

He admitted European defence manufacturers still did not feel that the process of rearmament was permanent, and said Vladimir Putin was spending 40% of GDP on defence and would eventually bankrupt his country by making the military so resource hungry. Russia has 3.5 million people in the military industrial complex. By contrast, "Europe didn't just disarm, it deindustrialised in the defence field," Sikorski said.

"Companies were telling me, 'We read in the newspapers that there is all this demand for armaments but we are not getting the long-term contracts. And if we don't have a 10-year contract, we are responsible to our shareholders. We can't make the investments.' So it's about guaranteeing them that this is not just for tomorrow, but this is a long-term rearmament and change in security."

He said Europe had to learn to play the escalation game better by keeping Putin guessing about its intentions. Asked whether it was permissible for Ukraine to strike military targets inside Russia, he said: "The Russians are hitting the Ukrainian's electricity grid and their grain terminals and gas storage capacity, civilian infrastructure. The Russian operation is conducted from the HQ at Rostov-on-Don. Apart from not using nuclear weapons, Russia does not limit itself much."

More broadly, he argued: "Always declaring what our own red line is only invites Moscow to tailor its hostile actions to our constantly changing self-imposed limitations."

He was sceptical about Russian threats to use nuclear weapons, saying: "The Americans have told the Russians that if you explode a nuke, even if it doesn't kill anybody, we will hit all your targets [positions] in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we'll destroy all of them.

"I think that's a credible threat. Also, the Chinese and the Indians have read Russia the riot act. And it's no child's play because if that taboo were also to be breached, like the taboo of not changing borders by force, China knows that Japan and Korea would go nuclear, and presumably they don't want that."

Polish Foreign Minister Calls For Long-Term Rearmament of Europe | Poland | The Guardian

"Missile carriers stably remain at base points. Several ships have left Crimea in the past few days after the destruction of the Tsiklon ship. More and more, the enemy understands that Crimea is not the place to keep their ships," he said.

During the United24 forum, Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, discussed the successful use and future potential of unmanned naval drones. Budanov highlighted that these drones have significantly impacted the Russian Black Sea Fleet, destroying a third of its combat potential.

He noted that these drones are already being upgraded with systems to target small surface and air threats and to strike coastal areas. Budanov predicted that unmanned naval drones would eventually dominate over conventional warships, especially in regions like the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

China Says Military Drills Encircling Taiwan Designed To Test Its Ability To ‘Seize Power’ | CNN

Our weakness with Ukraine will only encourage China further, while it can be said that China vs Taiwan would be way worse for China than Russia vs Ukraine, too often throughout history have fascist little dickheads overestimated their own ability despite having repeated examples of how poorly things go. We should not give them even more reason to overestimate their ability, we need to defeat Russia and send China the strongest message possible, that the same will happen to any country that threatens our allies.

Russia struck another brutal blow at our Kharkiv - at a construction hypermarket - on Saturday, right in the middle of the day. As of now, we know that more than 200 people could have been inside the hypermarket. All services are already on the scene to help rescue people and extinguish the fire, which has completely engulfed the 10,000 sq m building. We know about the dead and injured.

If Ukraine had enough air defence systems and modern combat aircraft, such Russian strikes would have been impossible. And that is why we are appealing to all leaders, to all states: we need a significant strengthening of our air defence and sufficient capabilities to destroy Russian terrorists. This is a task that must be accomplished and can only be done together with the world. Every day we call on the world: give us air defence, save people. Every decision not to support us means the loss of our people.