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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 first impressions...

Great impressions! Love it read them!

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Nice first impressions. I've had my console for over a year now and its a pretty great system but not without flaws. Glad you're enjoying yours.

If you're iching for more Spiderman, Miles Morales is a good one to play. Just be sure to stick to story missions as doing all side missions get repetitive (fast). I do this for all open world games and get enough to get by and when I get bored I stick to main missions. Would highly recommend picking up Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.. great game and a change of pace from the other games you played -part shooter and platformer.

Shiken said:
TheWalrusCaesar said:

The games like u said have rly sold me on the PS5. So many great games already especially including all the PS4 exclusives I missed. Feel like people are giving it a bad rap recently but I have absolutely enjoyed my PS5 thus far. This generation looks like its gonna be great from all sides

I don't think it is getting a bad rap.  All three of the major players are doing well, so the more hostile of their fanbases are starting to come out.  It is something that sadly will never go away, and it exists in all fanbases.  Just got to learn to filter the good from the bad is all.

All I can say, is that having everything right now is a blessing and a curse.  So much good stuff without worrying about exclusives on all three consoles, but not near enough time to get to everything.

Haha can definitely relate to that last part with a PS5, Switch, and decent gaming PC (possibly to be replaced with a Series X/S down the line) and an enormous backlog on all of them