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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Mario Kart game?


What's your favorite Mario Kart game?

Super Mario Kart 56 7.15%
Mario Kart 64 142 18.14%
Mario Kart Super Circuit 5 0.64%
Mario Kart Double Dash!! 116 14.81%
Mario Kart DS 38 4.85%
Mario Kart Wii 48 6.13%
Mario Kart 7 15 1.92%
Mario Kart 8 55 7.02%
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 308 39.34%

I feel like I already answered this like a week or two ago. But anyway.

I said that objectively Mario Kart 8 (the original or DX is the same to me) is the best, but I vote Mario Kart 64. One of my favourite games of all time, and high up in my year-end Top 50 (which I guess it's almost time for again). I would admit though that with this game in particular, a big part of it being so well regarded in my eyes is because of the nostalgia for it and the bittersweet memories of good family times now long gone. Though there's still merit in picking it over later games. Mario Kart 64 is balanced a bit more towards skill rather than the luck and item-use factor. Its courses are fun and varies, without too many gimmicks and each have shortcuts, both intended by Nintendo and not, that can only be done if the player is good (instead of just cutting a corner with a mushroom or whatever), and they actually pay off. Plus the battle mode in MK64 is indisputably the best.

BONUS: I just hope that they continue on with what they've been doing, Mario Kart 9 will be a lot of fun if they do. Oh and have a Wario Stadium remake in it finally!

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Mario Kart 8 is the best, but having played it to death on Wii U and Switch I'm definitely ready for the next iteration of the series.

MK8 is my favorite, followed by Wii. MK8D isn't as good as the WiiU version, as the two item thing is weird.

My wish for MK9 is that they launch that fucker in 2022. How long are we supposed to wait?

VAMatt said:

My wish for MK9 is that they launch that fucker in 2022. How long are we supposed to wait?

The Mario Kart Team has not released a game since ARMS launched in 2017, so we are for sure due for something from them in 2022 I would think. Whether it's Mario Kart or something else will be another story. 

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