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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - EA Desktop app with Gamepass

So I’ve been trying to find some decent FPS games to play on my PC now that I’m finally starting to get the hang of Mouse and Keyboard controls.

A few games that caught my eye are EA games that I can get from free with my Gamepass Ultimate subscription. However, I keep hearing bad things about the EA Desktop app, which I’d need to install to access them.

Has anyone here made use of the EA Desktop app before, and what was your experience? Am I making a fuss out of nothing or does it really have some issues?

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It used to be horrible but works well enough now. Also, you don't need ultimate to play EA on PC, just PC Gamepass, so as long as you are exclusively playing on PC you can save that $5 a month. I've been playing Squadrons via EA Play on Gamepass and it works great. Certainly more annoying to go through two programs, buy worth getting more free games that Sony fans have to buy lol.

It's a terrible app, but the only button that needs to work (the one to open your game) works just fine ;)

Aside from it not being steam? Nothing really

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Both Game Pass for PC and the EA Desktop app work well. By the way, EA Play comes included with Game Pass for PC (9.99/month), you don't need Ultimate to get EA Play on PC.

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Used it extensively when Apex Legends was exclusive to EA store. It definitely has issues...but for me I've encountered similar issues with Steam.

So I would say its decent enough to use - at least as a market place, games library and game launcher. Social features are fairly limited.

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Download the Google Play store on your PC and then download the Game pass app. Try streaming. It's crazy how well it works! Of course downloading is better but this is a good alternative. If you find something you like, download it.

I put EA Origin on my PC once. My Antivirus saw it as Malware. I didn't correct it.

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So finally downloaded it and installed some games to get my FPS fix. Just my luck, Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 both run terribly. :/

My main problem with the EA desktop app: a lot of my games I bought (or got "on the house") on EA Origin don't show up in the newer launcher:

A Way Out, Alice: Madness Returns, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Bookworm, BulletStorm, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Command & Conquer Remastered, Command & Conquer Collection (17 games), Crysis 2 + 3, Dead Space 1 - 3, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed: Shift 1 + 2, Nox, Populous, Star Wars Squadrons, Steamworld Dig, Syberia 2, Syndicate, The Saboteur, The Sims 2 + 4 + Medieval.

I have to start EA Origin for these...