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Forums - General Discussion - Recommend a phone for me?

Either of these 3 brands




around 100 - 400 price

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Iphone XR or Samsung A71 are the top tier phones between those price range.

I just bought a iphone XR for like $350, never been one to buy the crazy expensive newest models. I'm liking it so far

Hard to ignore the advantages that iphones give you at the low end as they typically have really good cpus, gpus and software support. My only issue with iphones is iOS.

If you don't like iOS like me, I'd choose a Samsung as you can get (at least in US/Canada) really good deals on Samsung phones, especially their last gen FE editions. You can typically stack coupons with trade in deals on top of sale prices. And Samsung gives you 3 years worth of Android OS updates from the version it originally started in and 4 years of security updates from the day it originally released as long as you get a S10 series or newer.

I'd stay away from LG as my friends had bad experiences with them.


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iPhone, pick the best model you can afford within your price limitations


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The just announced new A series seems worth considering:

Might drop in price a bit by the end of the year too if it's a little out of your budget right now.