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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xcloud in japan for Phones, If Xbox doesn't beat 360 will xcloud do it?

smbu2000 said:

Xcloud (cloud gaming) is not currently available in Japan.

Click on Gamepass and it shows Cloud gaming with an X in the JP area.

Also another thing going against it is that it is not currently available on iphone/ios. Even more so than the USA, the iphone is the dominant platform here in Japan.

Once it is actually available in Japan and you can get it on ios, then it should have more penetration. Possibly going through the web like Amazon with their Luna service which goes through the browser and not the app store.

I’ve been wanting to try it out myself as I have my Xbox account region set to the U.S. (not Japan), but since I use ios I’ve only been able to use the xbox app to stream from my Series X to my iphone. That worked fine connected to my Xbox one controller. 

I ought to add that the iOS problem won't last forever as the litany of lawsuits that will force Apple to pry open iOS has built up and even then, mobile gaming in Japan is even migrating rapidly away as Apple's content policies are not in touch with the more permissive view of games in Japan (there are eroge with Android versions, for crying out loud). 

iOS share of JP mobile gaming lead, which is not as big as the gap, is vestigial at this point.