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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games that have shaped you as a person

Shenmue massaged the idea into me that revenge is a dead end street. Also, life is pretty mundane but the moment is full of Beauty and wonder. Not to mention the realization that days get repetitive unless you are reaching your goals.

Metroid had convinced me that isolation was not only ok, but cool. Then Halo CE proved that co-op is the real way forward.

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None have really shaped me as a person.

I like Role Playing Games, Strategy Games... Which is far removed from anything else in my daily life.

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History Line 1914-1918

It awakened both my love for turn-based strategy games and my love for history in general and World War One in special (due to the detailed report on what happened during 2 months of war after every battle, which was very informative and educational). This game is the reason why I'm a major history buff now.

Panzer General II/IIID (IIID is the name of the German version, which I played first. Ironically, there's no D version of the Panzer III) did a similar thing with me for World War 2, but it also wakened my interest into military vehicles and planes.

Gotta be The Last of Us 2. It's kinda more the game that sums up my feeling of modern gaming. Gaming now is either pretentious wank for journalists to pretend is high art because it's so miserable or just microtransactions wearing the faces of your old favourite shows like some serial killer.

I won't miss anything. If anything comes out that is good, people will talk about 10 years from now and I'll play it then. Until that times arrives I'll just play some PS2 games. Tired of being burnt

GTA Vice City.

To this very day, I am still found of '80s songs, mostly due to the fact that I played this game while I was discovering my music taste

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