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Forums - Movies & TV - Thoughts on WandaVision?

Runa216 said:
jason1637 said:
I think that someone else might be controlling things also. Like during the Halloween episode the guy that was on duty was controlling things before they happened. Also, Wanda being able to have kids with a machine seems really odd.

I understand where you're coming from, but it's got a precedent in the comics so it's not that weird. 

Yeah but in the comics

the kids were made from fragments of a demon's soul

so it was pretty weird there too. 

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I totally love WandaVision!  I feel like this show was made for me.  Not only am I a huge MCU fan, but I've watched a ton of sitcoms from just about every era.  I get a lot of those I Love Lucy and Bewitched references.  I really like how the story is developing, but my favorite part of each episode are the unique intros.  I just love the whole thing.

The first episodes made me sleep but now i am enjoying it and cant wait to see next episode.