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Forums - Sales Discussion - December 2020 NPD Predictions

Last December 2019:

Switch: 2.036 Million

Xbox One: 856k

Playstation 4: 646k

The December NPD comes out January 15th so just a few hours from now. Make your predictions!

My Predictions

Switch: 2.1 Million

Xbox One 150K

PS4: 250K

PS5: 450K

Xbox SX: 400K

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I'll go with

NS 2.15 million
Xbox 1: 175K
PS4: 200K

I feel like stock was a problem for everyone

NSW 1.8m
PS5 559K
PS4 100K
XB1 55K

Switch - 2M
PS5 - 540k
XS - 410k
XB1 - 220k
PS4 - 190k
3DS - 6k


Switch - 2.666K
XS - 550K
PS5 - 500K
XB1 - 200K
PS4 - 150K

Going with a conservative 33% growth for Switch Year over Year :)
Anecdotally i heard that Microsoft provided more supply in December compared to the PS5

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This is what I am very concerned about. thank you very much!
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