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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How will stamps be handled in Super Mario 3D World Deluxe?

Stamps were an important collectable in the original release of Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U in 2013.  Every level had a stamp, sometimes requiring the player to go out of their way to obtain it.  These stamps were primarily used for Miiverse posts, and became largely useless when Nintendo shut down Miivierse.

With Super Mario 3D World Deluxe releasing next month, what is Nintendo going to do about the stamps?  Miiverse is not coming back.  Will they find a new use for them?  Will they take them out despite the levels being built to encourage people to look for them?  Will they replace them with another collectable?  Or will they leave things as they currently are with the stamps being nothing more than something to find and then look at?

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Maybe you could post comments at the end of a level, and other SM3DW Deluxe owners on your Friend's List would see them on their World Map?  A cool tie-in idea would be if you could still collect the stamps and then use them in the Comments on Super Mario Maker 2 courses.

Somebody posted a YouTube video on my wall where somebody was doing a "Let's Play" and found my Mii. That was pretty awesome. I hope SM3DW on the Switch has some form of community like the original. Not likely, though.

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