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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Leaked Documents Showcase 2014 Switch Prototype

Hate the idea of my thumbs obstructing my view.

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Yeah Nintendo wouldn't have survived this lol

Had Nintendo released this after a horrible Wii U and a mediocre 3DS (by Nintendo handheld standards) it would have completely sank the company. Would have sold the same as the Wii U and be a complete flop.

Thankfully they didn't go with it.

Based on the specs alone I think it would have been a bad idea. 480p screen and just 1GB of RAM? The Vita had a higher screen resolution than that, and just half as much RAM. I feel, unless this was a very budget portable (Like $150 or so) This probably would have failed pretty hard. Not to mention fingers in the way of the screen? I think that Nintendo likely experimented with LRA's giving you feedback as a button (which is why they included them in the Switch) and realized it doesn't quite replace actual physical buttons.

The only real interesting part was that you could still "cast" your game onto the TV with a separate unit, instead of having to dock it. Which allowed you to have Wii U esque features without the huge Wii U console. Honestly, I do hope that Nintendo experiments more with this in the future, as having the Dual Screens could still be handy for certain instances. As long as there is next to no latency, of course.

This could really only work as a third pillar. It could work alongside a home console Wii U successor and a more traditional portable 3DS successor without backwards compatibility and no second screen.
If this was one of Nintendo's only current handheld or hybrid offering, it would flop hard. Not as bad as Virtual Boy, but probably Wii U sales or worse.
The lack of face buttons and the placement of the sticks is so bad.

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I remember this rumor, it sure had a lot of people on this board scared when a picture of a supposed prototype leaked that later turned out to be 3D printed by some random guy. Clearly it was never something that Nintendo was looking at releasing and was just a hoax in a sea of other NX rumors. That said, it does show just how uncertain Nintendo's future was at this time. People really did not have confidence in Nintendo getting its act together after the Wii U. There was also wide belief that Nintendo had to find some gimmick to make their next console work whether it be hi-res force feedback, a shell concept that let Nintendo convert a smartphone into a handheld or some kind of shaped LCD screen like what is shown in this rumor. The fusion concept between handheld and home console has well foreseen by the community but most people didn't know what this would ultimately look like. Nobody thought that Nintendo could just release a sleek and super fast handheld with detachable joy-cons that can be docked and have it catch fire the way that it has. Presentation is king and Nintendo nailed the presentation with the Switch, something that people didn't think was possible after the Wii U and the marketing disaster that occurred with that console.