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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series X - pre-order not arriving on launch day.


Did you get an Xbox Series Pre-order?

Yes, expect it Nov 10th. 3 30.00%
Yes, my shipping got delayed a few days. 2 20.00%
Yes, my shipping got delayed over a week. 1 10.00%
No 4 40.00%

I got two Xbox Series X pre-ordered. One from and, today I got shipping confirmation and Amazon is expected to Arriving 13 November - 17 November and Best buy is expected Friday, Nov 13th. 

I really wanted to preorder from Microsoft website but that crashed for me, my friend that managed to get a pre-order got shipping confirmation for November 12th.

What an awful pre-order experience for next-gen consoles and now seem like I won't have a console on launch day. It really suck since November 11th is a national holiday in Canada.

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It looks like none of the outlets were prepared for the amount of pre-orders that were going to be placed and they all took in more than they could supply. It appears that mine will be in tomorrow (knock on wood) pending nothing strange happens along the way. My biggest fear is it being damaged or stolen before it reaches me, but I can live with it. I hope everyone gets theirs sooner rather than later. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Mar1217 said:
I'll be blunt. In the context of a pandemic where most postal services have been running at full capacity and experiencing shortages of staff so much they need to hire other companies to reach the goals in a tolerable manner and thus for many months now, I simply can't stand people unwilling to garner an ounce of patience before receiving their consoles they'll be using for years. Wise up, few days to a week delay isn't worth worrying about.

The retailers are selling a day one launch pre-order on September 22nd and people plan their vacation according to the information that was provided. Both pre-orders claim express delivery for November 10th. The Pandemic was a known factor and should have been accounted for on September 22nd, so that is a lame excuse. 

shikamaru317 said:

Amazon f*cked up royally, they sent emails to a bunch of preorders like myself saying that it may take up till the end of December to get Series X out to everyone they allowed to preorder it. They had more than a month to get MS to allocate enough stock to cover all of the preorders and failed. So annoyed that I have to wait who knows how long to get my Series X, when I watched Amazon like a hawk on preorder day and got mine several minutes before they sold out. If I don't get mine before Cyberpunk releases rage mode is going to activate for sure.

I mean there are rumblings that Cyberpunk could get delayed to next year so chances are you will <.<

But hope you get your Series X soon. It sucks that such a big company like Amazon could mess up so badly on such an anticipated launch. Man kinda worried about my preorders with Amazon.

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Mine appears to be only 1 day late so I won't complain too much.

But the thing is I ordered it through Microsoft own site and the reason it appears to be late is because Microsoft gave the shipping information late.

I mean, seriously, sending shipping info early should have been the easiest things to do to avoid delay.

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Mine shipped yesterday but it says it is still on Track for delivery today. Let’s hope so

Mar1217 said:

So you're simply side lining the harsh reality of logistic management for online retailers in conjonction with postal services since the pandemic happened, for what is probably one of their biggest pre-holiday delivery stock, simply so that you could get a plastic box playing games that you'll eventually get nonetheless ...

The number of boxes FedEx and Amazon deliver every day significantly outnumbers the quantity of consoles that were preordered.  I doubt that the logistics companies noticed an impact.

Mine will be here today, so I guess I got lucky. Oddly enough, Assassin's Creed Valhalla has no ship date, and will arrive late. Guess it is time to cancel and buy it digitally. I have the day off tomorrow and I really want to play that on the Series X.

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Very amateur of the shops.Considering for how long streamers have the console and for how long the stores received the inventory they could certainly plan to start shipping a little earlier to avoid this. If there was no pandemic and inventory was higher then you would have people picking on store day one receiving much earlier than people that reserved it months in advance.

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My series s is arriving today. Do you know what the day one patch size is in GB? I've slow Internet so I'd rather go home on break and start the initial patch update if it's like 40gb or so

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