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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 BC confussion

Blood_Tears said:

No you're right, the site does not exist. That is so weird, I really don't understand the issue they are having. Sony just should have packed this adaptor in the box with the PS5 to begin with. 

For myself, I followed the link on Twitter that Shu gave on the first day last week and the serial number and my Canadian address went through with a confirmation email from Sony. 

Thanks for confirming it's not my laptop or browser :)

There's no hurry anyway, wasn't planning on buying day one nor getting rid of my ps4 pro. In the end I can always make it myself, USB has 4 wires and only 2 carry the data. Warm up the soldering iron and splice two cables together, done.

Indeed weird they don't simply add it in the box. They said about 5 million headsets have been sold. Mailing out up to 5 million individual converters, weird. I have 2 headsets, I wonder if they're smart enough to combine the 'shipment' lol.