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Forums - Sony Discussion - New Demon's Souls Gameplay

From industry insider Daniel Ahmad:

Should be getting a bunch of new PS5 Demon's Souls gameplay today - stay tuned!


And here you have it:

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Just released - looks great!

Man, I remember when this game first came out and one of my friends on here had to get it for me when he visited Taiwan because they weren't planning on localizing it. I'm so excited to play this remake!

Ugh, that looks good.

With Cyberpunk delay, this will be my first PS5 game.

It looks and plays great, I'm so excited about this one !

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The lighting looks sooooo good in this.
Same with the particle effects.

The character models, and details in enviroments just topping of the cake.
It looks amasing.

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Very inauthentic

Beautiful. I didn't complete the original game, so I might try this again.

Digital Foundry are certainly singing it's praises. "best looking game releasing this year" and "might go down as one of the best launch titles of all time". It's interesting to note that all footage we have seen so far is from the 60fps performance mode, rather than the 30fps high graphics mode. Which is unusual.

Edit: Apparently the 60fps mode has been optimized further too and pushing higher resolution, now runs in dynamic 4k rather than a straight 1440p.

Bext looking next gen game and it's a launch game too! It's like dreaming xD