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Forums - Sony Discussion - Spider-Man Comparison: PS4 2018 vs. PS5 Remaster 2020


How do you guys see the improvements?

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It's look bad for me. I do not like Peter's new look. He looks too young, old was Great for me. This is Nintendo type of bullshit like 3d Mario coll from emu. This should be free upgrade, that's all.

Well that's surprising. I didn't expect much to change, but Peter looks like a totally different person. I actually prefer his new look, but it seems like a downpgrade graphically for some reason.

I'd be curious to know @CGI-Quality thoughts, and why the left side often appears crisper and more detailed. It a lighting thing? Because the right side is a lot brighter.

I like how the new Peter looks more like Tom Holland.

Basically the same thread, but with more going on in the OP. So, let's transfer discussion to that.