Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch 2 Confirmed to arrive before A.D. 2100


I... 0 0.00%
1.... 16chan...? 1 10.00%
I KNEW IT! 3 30.00%
Nintendo doomed 2100 6 60.00%

Let's all stop believing fake news and stop reading 16chan, people!

Switch 2 WILL in fact arrive prior to the beginning of the next century.

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NSW won’t be replaced for 79 more years

So... a 2099 release confirmed?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

It should be easy enough if it builds on what Switch is. They don’t have to innovate and merely have to beef up the specs to make it more 3rd party friendly. Just a matter of when

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Trunks should make this an article right away!

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.