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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Scarlet Nexus gameplay demo (4mins)

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I don't if its the player or limitations for demo, but same 1, 2 combo. I wanna see more high level play. Enemy design great though.

Really digging this game. Shame it's not out this year. Tales team may have 2 great games in 2021 however.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Looks perfectly fine. Not really seeing anything to set it aside from other games in the genre though.

Hm, the gameplay looks kind of generic.

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Combat doesnt look great (maybe some of it is the player, not knowing distance/range of skills ect)...
but I like the dodge mechanics and the time slow effect (effect looks decently done and is quick to react, when you execute it).

Other than that just looks abit generic imo.
Nothing from that really sold me on playing it.

there are games that made small arenas work, but they can't be as bland as this in times of MHW

While some of the visuals look great, the world itself looks rather dull. There's you, a partner AI and the enemy, and well that makes for a boring and sparse kind of fight. I know it's Japanese, but you'd think they;'d evolve this type of combat, rather than being so typical and making it almost the same as every other Japanese game featuring live combat.

At least games like MHW manage to pull of live combat better than this, but even that game featured fewer enemies and a dense environment.

The Japanese-ness is overflowing from this game.

The environments look pretty bland, I feel like they could've done something more interesting with that setting. Regarding the battle system, maybe the player is not very good at the game or the character is low level, but it looks inda repetitive, he just uses the same few moves over and over again.