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Forums - General Discussion - Cycling Appreciation Thread


What bike do you main?

Road Bike 4 28.57%
Mountain Bike 1 7.14%
Hybrid 2 14.29%
BMX 0 0%
Trekking/Commuting 4 28.57%
E-bike 3 21.43%
other 0 0%

I like going on bike tours, but I don't care quite enough to buy expensive stuff for it.

I usually don't do more than like 4 hours, and I also don't take straight roads (I don't plan my destination, I like taking decisions at the moment). So I usually don't get very far and mostly just see my area. I've done only a couple of tours with a clear destination, mostly to Bruges (75km to there and back). The longest I've done so far is to Heuvelland at the French border (140km).

I'd like to start doing more though. For next spring/summer, I'm planning on going to Antwerp (140km there and back), Parc Scarpe-Escaut in France (190km) and a tour through the major towns of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in the Netherlands (about 140km).

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The other day was 22C in the middle of winter. Naturally I took the opportunity to do some cycling in summer clothes. The wind wasn't terrible either, so it was only slightly difficult going one way and a smooth ride going the other way. The people here were still wearing their 'winter' clothes, but I suppose they are used to hotter weather.

Sadly it is cold again and I lost a glove, so a constantly frozen hand in the future for me.

What do you mean with trekking? I am aware of commuting bikes. The Netherlands is nothing but commuting bikes and the most common is a damesfiets, or lady bikes. Those should be listed. 

Heres a cool video: 

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Looks like it's already getting warmer again. Time to bring my bike to the checkup. Getting desperate to do my tours again.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I got a couple rides in last week but now the weather is back to bitter cold for a while. Something to listen to while waiting for better weather

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Last week was amazing biking weather, but I couldn't because I had to work. Of course now that I have 2 full weeks of vacation the weather is horrible. Like literally 5-10° colder on average with lots of rain. Anyway I'm gonna at least try to get some rides in at cooler temperatures. Tomorrow morning is the first test if I and my bike are up for it.

Also got some new gear. For the first time I got myself a phone mount. Should help a lot in making my trips faster and more efficient. On my longer trips I check GPS a lot and switch between playlists and it's always such a hassle to get my bike out of the bag. Should also prevent me from losing my way in unfamiliar locations. It also comes with a power pack holder, so I should be able to have it on constantly with GPS even during my longer 8+h day trips.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

It's frigid here as well, back to a few degrees above zero. Sunday looks a bit better but still on the low side for my liking. I'm planning on shorter trips for this year, avoid the sore knees and cramping legs at night. But who knows, the call of the unknown, which gets further and further away each year haha.

Well, I was right, it was too cold. It was only slightly above unbearable. It would've almost been half pleasant if it wasn't for the strong winds. Anyway, here are my key takeaways from my first trip and my outlook for the year.

- Doing literally no sports in 6 months and staying 90% of the time in bed while eating like a pig does bring a hit in fitness...
- ... not as much as I thought though
- even though my first trip was definitely not pleasant I already look forward to the next one, which is a good sign for this year
- the phone mount is pretty good, but I actually did not get as much use out of it as I thought, need to find some ways to make it more useful
- i like my new bag for short tours
- bike still needs to get a checkup, I do need a new chain ASAP

Outlook for the year

- I should get plenty of workouts throughout the year since I'm really itching not just for the rides but also for my body to get in shape
- probably not going to get a gravelbike this year unless I have too much money
- there is a distinct possibility for me to take my bike to Japan this year, if not this year then definitely next
- already got one mountain to ride planned, looking for one more to round out the year, mountains are fun and I'm hooked after climbing the last one

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Great day to cycle, well mostly.

The weather was there, unfortunately due to the recently imposed stay at home order, there were more people on the trails than I have ever seen before. After I got off the bike trail, the roads were just as busy. And all along the way people thought it a good idea to burn their yard trash and other stuff, smoke plumes all around, air quality very poor. Everything else was still very brown, the color coming from the trash exposed after the snow left, before the ground cover grows over it. Humanity sucks!

Tbh, I enjoy jogging more atm, isolated trail in a more difficult to access area, very quiet, much better.

Let this pandemic be over some time, gimme my quiet bike trails and empty B roads back :) There are still places I can go, all gravel roads though, not all that comfortable, but quiet because of that. Better than the constant cars accelerating next to you (they always slow down here even though you're not in the actual lane, just to punch the gas next to you) or constantly slowing down for the wide side by side cyclers or three wide walkers on the bike trails. Plus people always tend to stop on crossings and in gates blocking the way, exhausting!

Anyways, still nice to get out. Seeing the devastation done near the start of my route (new commercial development) put me in the wrong mood. Canada is huge, but apparently we must put all the people on top of each other! Perhaps it's time to start looking for a place up north :)

Cycling with my dog is better than video games. *flies away*