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What art style would you like to see for the next street fighter game?

Current one is fine, don't change it. 2 16.67%
Return to sprites like th... 5 41.67%
Give me 3D. I want it to look like Tekken. 0 0.00%
No make them real like Mortal Kombat. 0 0.00%
Other - let me tell you how it's done. 5 41.67%
Fei-Hung said:
I heard spirits are hard to do, but I'm wondering if they're isn't any tech to either simplyfy it or maybe go with cellshading.

There must be a happy medium where they can offer something more vibrant and drawn looking with the ease of development and ability to add costumes etc.

But I liked their one game one green approach this cycle.

Looked no further than what Arc System Works has done with Dragonball and Guilty Gear. 

Moving away from sprites has to do with cost not difficulty. That is not just games, but all mediums (CGI cartoons have pretty much taken over for example. Once a model is made it can be reused for the entire run and can easily be updated. Sprites not so much. 

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The style from TVC

I hate the incredible hulk look IV and V have.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Hiku said:

I'd love to see 2D spites again like KOF 13.

they have too make a 3d engine that looks like that pic. similar too GuiltyGear Strive

I also hate the "washed-out" and hulk look with unproportional limbs. Otherwise, make it like Street Fighter II but in 2.5D (i.e. like IV or better like V minus the things I mentioned). What I'm more worried is that Capcom has lost their handling to create new Characters that leave an impression. All 17 characters of (Super) II (Turbo) were and still are legendary. Basically, all new characters of III, IV and V (all versions) are crap!

SFIII art style but in 3D, just like DragonBall FighterZ.

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Hiku said:

I'd love to see 2D spites again like KOF 13.

Though I think they'd be worried the visuals would hinder its sales, so more realistically I think it'd be something like this.

Fei-Hung said:

I don't know why, but it seems to take longer to make these games too where other games pump out several games with equally as deep mechanics or more, whilst street fighter struggles. 

It's probably true that 3D would make the game take longer than 2D. But which games do you feel took longer?
I haven't compared the release dates, but Street Fighter 4 and 5 kept getting updates with new seasons, characters, mechanics, balance changes, etc every year or so. Which is similar to how they handled Street Fighter 2 with a lot of new version releases.

I don't think it will hinder sales at all. 3D cell shaded graphics have come a long way. 2D art style can be done in 3D to great effect. Look at what Arcsystem Works done 7 years ago

When you have a talented developer behind its amazing at how close 3D can come to 2D drawings and animation. Without the caveats, and advantages of using 3D models vs 2D drawn sprites.

I would play a new Street Figher with these visuals 100%. I'm actually turned off the art style of 4 onwards. Everyone just has overemphasized body proportions and its a weird middle ground of being cartoony, but not.