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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 23, 2020 (June 1st - June 7th)

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The 100K run is over? Hmmm too bad, but it was a good run. We'll see numbers like those again during the holidays.

PS4 is getting probably a stock and LoUII boost combined. Making that the highest possible number it can achieve anytime soon, excluding Ghost of Sushi.

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the old minecraft topping dungeons... Whoops

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ACNH almost 5 M pretty crazy selling 100k after almost 3 months

kirby007 said:
the old minecraft topping dungeons... Whoops

its digital only

Damn, Ring Fit is about to cross 1m.

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This is crazy how the Nintendo Switch is a full success all over the planet

Wow the The Last of Us Re entering the top 10 two weeks before the sequel. I didn't expect it to make a big splash in Japan, but now I'm not so sure. Will be interesting to see its debut numbers.

Pretty good debut for Clubhouse Games. Wonder if it will hang around for a while like Brain Traning.

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FF7:R seems to have dropped, or is dropping, off the charts everywhere.

What an amazing run for Animal Crossing. Doing over 100k for more than 2months!

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thismeintiel said:
FF7:R seems to have dropped, or is dropping, off the charts everywhere.

It'll probably be in the Top 20 once we get that info.


Nice bounce back from the PS4 this week. Switch still largely outperforming its 2019 performance.

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