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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Serious talk: PS NOW library is an atrocity


Why is it so bad?

Trying to beef up software sales 4 28.57%
They don’t care 9 64.29%
Right 1 7.14%
leo-j said:
They just announced every kingdom hearts game for gamepass, and no man’s sky. While sony adds some random $5 game from 2016 to ps now. I am done.

Kinda funny comparison though since No Man's Sky was also released in 2016. I actually bought it on sale for 15 bucks last year and the Kingdom Hearts games with the exception of part 3 are older than dirt. I get your frustration but at least use more modern games. Especially since in the last 3 months PS Now has added games like Spiderman, Just Cause 4, Shadow of Tomb Raider, Control, etc. 

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I'm really surprised that they haven't improved it to a level that at least looks reasonable to be in the conversation with Gamepass. If they don't want to do the big games on day one, fine. But, I feel like the service as it is should be embarrassing to them. They should just get rid of it if they're not willing to put money and effort into making it a reasonably competitive service. Gamepass is (almost literally) ten times better. Sony is supposed to be a leader in gaming. They shouldn't stick with stuff like this that looks like crap in comparison to other offerings.

Already discussed this point on a similar thread like a month ago.

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Game streaming, as a whole, is an atrocity.

Some decent games are on there atm. Control, spiderman, metro exodus, mgs hd collection mgs4 and 5, wolfenstein, prey, skyrim, fallout, dishonored. Yes they need to add more and yes gamepass is a better deal. Maybe they will ramp it up for ps5?

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PS now can go extinct for all I care.
I ended up subscribing to PS plus finally tho... =x

Sorry, we just had a similar thread to this just a few weeks ago. It would be best to continue the discussion there, instead of starting a brand new one.