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i was in computer exchange today and saw a copy of kessen 2 for the ps2 and it reminded me of how much i loved real time strategy games such as kessen and age of empires etc. but when i was thinking of kessen i thought the wii controllers would go great with real time strategy games such as this (if you consider kesson to be a RTS or just a strategy game), in the instance of selecting your units, deploying them on the map, so basically the wiimote would work exactly like a mouse.

its kind of strange that the wii doesn't have any games like this, i know civilisation was announced, but last i heard it has been halted, and there are one or two others such as kings story. but i would love to see something in the mode of kesson or AoE on the wii.

do you think the wii will ever see support in this kind of genre, because normally games like these are saved for the PC and dont often make a console appearance? also i know 360 is getting halo wars and maybe a fake wiimote...

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RTS is one of those genres that will likely not succeed off the PC easily.  Not necessarily because it can't be done (the Wiimote could be a defining factor for it), but rather because most will likely say "It should have been on the PC" if it wasn't or would buy the PC version instead if it was.

Please starcraft..please

I enjoyed Starcraft 64 a bit. Wasn't nearly as good as the PC without Battle.Net but for a rental to waste time in the campaign it was alright.

Hard to say. It'd have to be made specifically for the wii probably due to the hardware limitations.... and why make one for Wii only when you could put it on PC instead?

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I don't think you want to play Starcraft 2 on the Wii online against someone playing it on the PC :P

I have a guildie in Wow that used to be a real good Starcraft player and lets just say every action he does in the game is done through a hotkey...

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Yeah. With the wiimote design an RTS game should be released. One reason I was really pissed that Civilization (I know not really RTS) Revolutions for the Wii was pushed out. Yet a DS version is still on? DS and Wii should have been the focal point. PS360's a port.

Oh well. Nintendo has built it, they will come.

Ail is right that the PC is still better at RTS's than the Wii could be, because of the Wii's lack of buttons to quickly hotkey commands. Still, if a developer is willing to use the Wii's pointer in conjunction with voice controls, I could see consoles suddenly equaling their PC counterparts at this genre. Mind you, the technology still isn't perfect, and there'd be a lot of work involved in setting this up, which means there is roughly zero chance of this actually happening, but I think it'd offer some of the best RTS controls yet.

Or am I talking out of my, well, you know?