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Forums - Sony Discussion - Jim Ryan Has been promoted as Senior Vice President of SONY Corp beside CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

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What do you think

Playstation will be full force in the future 1 5.88%
Unlimited fund and Budget... 4 23.53%
It will be just the same 7 41.18%
Gaijin has been invaded Japanese company 5 29.41%

Will this make a big impact to the performance of Playstation, VR, gaming content, PS now on the future ???

Will Playstation becoming Sony Focus more than anything compared to previous generation. 


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I don't think it means anything big for Playstation necessarily. If anything it just means internally his handling of SIE was seen as excellent and he earned a promotion.

Kaz Hirai had his position and was promoted to CEO of Sony if I remember correctly. Under Kaz, SIE was one of 3 divisions that became a heavy focus but it was mainly because those were the 3 most profitable divisions and the company as a whole wasn't doing so hot if my memory serves. Jim's not moving to CEO and the company as a whole was doing excellent pre-COVID19.

4 ≈ One

Both him & Herman Hulst will do fine.
lmao I should have voted "Gaijin has invaded a Japanese company ".

Playstation is doing better and better and with Sony putting more energy into it I can only think of a positive outcome.

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