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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Monstrous Speed Boost For SD Cards Coming

Bofferbrauer2 said:
Soundwave said:

PCIe 4.0 is going to be pretty standard tech, I wouldn't neccessarily equate their cost with being anywhere close to what it costs to make this stuff. 

SD card commission will charge a high price at first likely because the only type of person who needs this much speed are video professionals are who are shooting like 5K-8K raw video files. For them a couple of hundred bucks is nothing. 

But that doesn't really mean it costs them that much more to make. 

Nintendo could probably get a cartridge slot for example with similar speed probably for a reasonable cost in a few years. 

That's understood, and it was a smart move to couple SD cards to PCI-E lines.

It's just that the producers want to make money from new tech, and thus sell at a high price, especially early on. It will take years until the competition has heated up enough to bring the prices down to a level where SD Express will become a viable choice over the older UHS standards. And like I said, even there UHS-I is still by far and wide the most widespread despite the tech being 10 years old by now and UHS-II being just a year younger yet still very rare. At least the pre-UHS models are slowly dying out in industrialized countries (still saw tons of 2-8GB SDHC cards in the Philippines, so in developing countries, it's still another matter), so they are slowly moving forward.

Yup, but I do think there's nothing really that stops Nintendo from going to their cartridge supplier and saying "hey we'd like something similar for our next-gen carts, PCIe 4.0 type speed". 

That probably is fairly doable for a product a few years down the line. 

SD Card commission wants to move at a snail's pace, that's their call I guess, but Nintendo can still show that to their cartridge supplier and say they want something in that performance range. 

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Let me know when one of these is 1TB for $70 then I will care

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It's cool, but I don't really see Nintendo needing those kinds of speeds for a long, long time.

If this is tied to PCIe lanes, then it will may get speed boosts every time a new PCIe protocol is released.

PCIe 5.0 is due later this year. PCIe 6.0 is expected less than 2 years from that. Each doubles the bandwidth of the predecessor.

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