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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Rumor] PS5 October Launch according to Job Listing - MOD Please lock the thread Sony said it's not coming in October

This is Interesting , So it will be month ahead Xbox Series X , I wonder the rumor Xbox series S made a difficult distribution and production for Microsoft who want to release both version this year, it will be logistical nightmare.  

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could be a huge advantage for sony

Could of been the plan before COVID we also had several rumours of Series X been a September launch but now I see both just been November.

All these juicy rumours, hope these next couple months give answers

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I've gotta say I have my doubts. There's like barely any info about it yet and they're just gonna throw it out there? I'm still assuming early 2021 (providing covid doesn't get any worse) until there's an official announcement otherwise.

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IIRC the first Dirt 5 PR that came out after the Inside Xbox video also said October for both consoles.

The distribution I suppose would need to happen in the end of October if they plan to stock store shelves in the first part of November. They like to keep the period as tight as possible, as something under Two weeks time. This application seems to me to be more about logistics because it they go into transfer process of supply chains with the PlayStations.

I think it's a mistake.
The recruitment site should not have that kind of information.

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I have my doubts that either company is going to be able to have any kinda of global launch, which both clearly want, in that timeframe, given the current climate. Maybe I'm wrong about that, and it would certainly be cool to see the new systems on the market sooner than later, but I just don't know how feasible that is.

Would be earlier than expected.

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