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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How will virus fallout impact the market share of traditional gaming relative to mobile gaming?


How will covid-19 impact time spent gaming in general?

More console/PC and more mobile 0 0%
About the same for both 1 12.50%
More console/PC, less mobile 3 37.50%
More console/PC, same mobile 1 12.50%
Same console/PC, more mobile 0 0%
Same console/PC, less mobile 0 0%
Less console/PC, more mobile 1 12.50%
Less console/PC, same mobile 0 0%
Less of both 0 0%
Gaming will be made manda... 2 25.00%

I hope you're right @OneTime.  That would mean we're back to normal, which can't come soon enough IMO.  

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JRPGfan said:

I could see mobile gameing being down abit for now..... once we re past this coronavirus stuff, numbers will return to what they were.

Are you saying that you think the virus will have no impact on the relative market share of each type of gaming in the long run?  

If so, I hope you're wrong.  I am hopeful that all of this free time will get more people into console and PC gaming, and that some of those people will keep gaming even as things start to get back to normal.  I do think that mobile should continue to grow about as it always has, once things return to normal. That's fine.  I'm just optimistic that this will help grow traditional gaming. 

I imagine it will come down to how much do lifestyles change in the long run.  If more people will work from home, thereby freeing up an hour a day of commute time, that would mean there's more time for gaming.  

if people just realize that more time spent at home is good, that could also change things. 

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few months, maybe the next year or so.  

People just buying more digital, which is fine by me. PC master race transcended physical media several years ago, about time we evolve too ;)

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