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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I edited the reveal trailer of BOTW 2 in chronological order

My quarantine boredom, added to the lack of news about Breath of The Wild 2 led me to do this edit of the reveal trailer, looking to put all the shots in their chronological order. Seeing it this way makes it easier to understand the narrative and exposes some interesting details. It is visible that the awakening of Ganondorf and his malice elevates the land of Hyrule castle, causing Zelda and Link to fall through an abyss, to be later rescued by the hand that previously sealed the villain. After being rescued by the hand, Link's arm merges with it, giving rise to what will surely be a key playable element in the game.


What are your thoughts/theories on the game's story?

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I think you need to find something to play.


I actually never realized a couple details until I watched this. Nice.

Still a cool trailer, never noticed the hand grabbing Link’s.

I either missed it or i'm loosing my mind lol. Didn't know there was a trailer for BOTW2 lol.