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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Free on STEAM] Tomb Raider and Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris

Deal ends Monday 3/23/2020

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Added to my library. hehehe

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Did as well: tons of Tomb raider stuff in general is slashed. Any reasons why?

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New tomb raider coming!?

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KrspaceT said:
Did as well: tons of Tomb raider stuff in general is slashed. Any reasons why?

Part is because they go on sale quite often, and part because they want to give something to those at home because of the COVID, to keep them busy.

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Honestly i don't even want it free .

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Some other games:


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Thanks for the heads-up :)

I added both to my library just a about an hour ago. Might as well since they are free.

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Tomb Raide 2013 is an EXCELLENT game.Anyone that didn't tried it, go for it.

Shame that I played both games already though.

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