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Finally. I hope the big three and Steam follow suit. This could make a massive impact.


China Numba wan!!

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While I'm still working on that List mentioned above (and the Nintendo eShop rating thread), GOG gives the game Mable & The Wood for free for the next 40 hours, so grab it while you can!

Sets a good example for all of us.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
zero129 said:

Thats a pretty fine list. Maybe you should update it and make a thread here on VGC. Imo it would make a good thread for here if you kept it up to date etc.

Yeah, I thought about it already. Most of that is copy/paste anyway, so that could go rather quickly.

On the other hand, I'll have to test out all the links and prepare the whole thing in office first due to it's length and the shitty connection I have here (the service itself is fine, but the router is almost 20 years old. It doesn't even know WPA2 encryption, that's how old that thing is! We'd get a new router by changing the service to a more modern contract, but the owner is against that...), so it may take a while. It will come, but it may take a while.

Well, that thread isn't done yet but you can already thank Activision Blizzard for removing the downloads for the Blizzard classics when that company was still called Silicon& Synapse (so namely Blackthorne and Rock n'Roll Racing), and the same goes for Rockstar Games (GTA 1+2, Wild Metal Country). Add to this broken links and dead websites, and the number of games will be quite a bit smaller than the original German thread.

Let's hope I don't encounter too many dead links anymore.