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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Daemon X Machina goes to PC Feburary 13th

For anyone who is an Armored Core fan like me. This is a pretty solid game. Not quite as in-depth as an AC game. Since this is by former AC staff and AC6 has yet to be announced. I will consider this my AC6.

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Marvelous had the complete ownership of the IP, Nintendo simply published it so it makes sense they would try another platform.

Got Mecha Action fix with it. Nice game if you're into the genre.

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Hell yeah am I grabbing this for that 60fps goodness and higher res bump. That makes for the second AC style game to hit PC so far (past year). Keep them coming. 

Interesting I hope it sees some good sales on PC. I wanted to buy it because I like to support new IPs but never got around to it.

Ps4 next!


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