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You concerned yet?

Yes 94 49.21%
No, but I will be followi... 50 26.18%
No, its being overblown 47 24.61%

2 million deaths worldwide!
USA passes 400,000 deaths.
India passes 150,000 deaths.
Brazil passes 200,000 deaths.
The Global Pandemic closing in on 100 million cases!

Last edited by Phoenix20 - on 16 January 2021

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Brazil's health agency approves the use of two vaccines.

Phoenix20 said:

2 million deaths worldwide!
USA passes 400,000 deaths.
India passes 150,000 deaths.
Brazil passes 200,000 deaths.
*UK passed 100,000 deaths.
The Global Pandemic closing in on 100 million cases!

Was missing the UK milestone too.
(its just they have 2 offical numbers, depending on how they choose to count, the lower of which is the ~89,900 one, while the other already well over 100k)

Mexico is getting close to hitting 150,000 deaths as well (141k atm), and soon to hit that milestone list above.

Pfizer shot in Norway has resulted in 33 deaths of aged care patients.

Phoenix20 said:

Pfizer shot in Norway has resulted in 33 deaths of aged care patients.

Very predictable, but I guess this had to happen. COVIDiots claiming any death of a patient who received the vaccine as if it caused it.

Of the 13 cases analysed in detail so far, the concerned individuals were elderly, frail and had serious diseases, Camilla Stoltenberg, director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), told reporters on Monday.

It is important to remember that about 45 people die every day in nursing homes in Norway, so it is not a given that this represents any excess mortality or that there is a causal connection,” she said.

Speaking at the Choose Healthy Lives Black Clergy Conclave, Fauci said that his understanding was that the deaths followed the booster dose of the vaccine when there are more non-specific symptoms, such as aches, fever and malaise.
"It is conceivable that when you have a very frail individual, such as many who are in nursing homes, that even that amount of stress to them could put them over the top," Fauci added.
Stephen Evans, professor of pharmacoepidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said that so far there was "no evidence that any link between vaccination and death in these vulnerable patients is a causal one."
Evans told the UK's Science Media Centre that when people who are at high risk of death get vaccinated, "there will be a certain number of coincidental deaths that occur shortly after vaccination."

Coincidental deaths will always happen and were already predicted. But of course, people will only believe what they want to believe.

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Local story about the impact of letting it get this bad again:

Doctors are all at their limits, impossible to get a hold off or get them to return a call. The Pharmacy changed my wife's blood pressure medicine she's been on for over a decade. She noticed the differently shaped pills and called the pharmacy, which said the old producer is no more, this is the same. Well it wasn't, it didn't appear to be working and she got all the side effects listed with the new medication. Next to very high blood pressure her pulse was also racing, 155 heart rate with 165 over 123 was the worst measurement.

She had been calling the doctor, and after many attempts finally got the assistant who took note and would have the doctor call back asap. No call came, tried again next day, can not reach. She called Telehealth which said to call the doctor, then said go to the hospital. So she went there (looked half dead by the time) and was met with a very frustrated triage nurse, saying she should have gone to the doctor... Also she would be wasting her time here waiting for 4 hours. Well it didn't take that long, she was fading away in the waiting room and apparently looked so bad, 20 minutes later a nurse took one good look at here and took her straight to a room.

Six hours of tests and trying to get her blood pressure down they finally had success. There she got to listen in to the staff rightfully berating a family of 5 that came in with Covid after going on holiday to Colombia. Their defense, we didn't think it would happen to us... Anyway the staff was very careful keeping everyone separated and was donned in full protective gear. My wife could only tell the difference between them by their ear rings. Sanitation stations everywhere and have to dispose of the masks at the exit.

They said they should really keep her over night but send her home as the safer option. With new medication she now has to mix with the old and keep monitoring while keeping absolute rest.

Another close call thanks to the health care system being terribly stretched thin. Home schooling piling on the stress, silently swapping medications, not being able to reach anyone, can't get a doctor's appointment, finally have to jump into the fire to get help.

Sad that deaths are going so high..... its been like a month since christmas/new year combo,
and so we're now seeing the resulting outcomes of those holidays.

~4400 deaths in the USA (yesterday, last results) (420k+)
~1800 deaths in Mexico (today)
~1400 deaths in brazil (yesterday)
~1300 deaths in the UK (yesterday)

Gathering events + corona = more deaths 3-4 weeks afterwards.

Cases have already been going down after the holiday peak, but yep seems this week is the peak in deaths. It looks to stay just under 100K for the week, but over the 95.7K of last week. Crazy, once 3,000 deaths (total) in China was worrying... Currently tracking nearly 100K a week. (October 16th was the lowest week with 36.4K)

Spain is still rapidly going up, don't they have a lock down? Spain was 3rd yesterday for new cases, behind USA and Brazil.

My town is getting the CoronaVac in the next days. We have a total of 2.394 confirmed cases, and 27 deaths so far.

I really hope this vaccine works,