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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dragon Quest 12 has started development

"Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii had a charming message for fans near the end of 2019. Within the message on Twitter was confirmation that development for the next main Dragon Quest game started last year.

The full message from Horii's Twitter account can be found just below. The translation comes from Twitter user @BlackKite.

Happy New Year. Last year we started with publishing the movie Dragon Quest: Your Story, then releasing the Switch version of Dragon Quest 11, the mobile version of DQ Walk, the announcement of The Adventure of Dai anime along with its game adaptation, the production of [DQ]12 and more; even now after 33 years have passed since I made the 1st game, I feel very glad that I can do new challenges like these. Thank you very much to all users who have cheered on Dragon Quest until now, and also to all of the many staff members who have supported me. I don’t know how long I can go on, but I feel like I want to do my best just a little bit more. I hope this year will be an amazing year to everyone. I’m looking forward to work together in this year.

Confirmation of Dragon Quest 12 shouldn't come as a massive surprise. Two years after it released in 2017, Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age shipped more than 5.5 million copies worldwide, on PS4 and Nintendo Switch."

So...PS5/Switch 2/PC?

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Fantastic news. The fact that we were getting a new Adventures of Dai anime was good enough, but this is the cherry on top.
Loved DQ11, im very much looking forward to this one.

Well, not surprising, hopefully the Western release is close to the japanese one this time if it comes to the West. I still need to play DQXI, I had bought the PS4 version but sold it and I'll get the Switch version because of all the extra stuff and the orchestral OST.

Switch, PC and if they feel like it, also for the PS5.

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By SE standards, we should get the first trailer in 2025.

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About fucking time.

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I would assume because of the much larger install-base Switch will have and because PS4 will be a legacy-platform when the game releases that Switch is lead platform with a possible port to PS5 and PC

I tried dq7 on 3ds but lost interest. Playing dq11 on Switch and loving it. Going to be the first one I beat and the second I have played more than some.

So they started sometime before 2020.....  hopefully by 2025? we can play it.