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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are gaming chairs as good as they say?

If you spend a lot of money on them they're absolutely great. Before I got my current DX Racer I used cheap office armchairs that broke about after a year or so. I have had my current gaming chair for over 3 years now and it's not even showing any sign of wear. I'm gonna upgrade it soon to a bigger version because the one I have has been way too small for me since the moment I bought it. That I still haven't jumped to a much bigger and more comfortable version of it is a testament to its quality.

It's almost as if they're designed for long gaming sessions or something.

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Personally i find those mesh cloth chairs more comfortable.

Had the same chair at worth for 8 years and still going strong lol



A nice office chair will do in my opinion.

Also, headrests, specially those with little pillows protruding from them, drive me crazy. If you're fucking reclining and sleeping in front of your home or office PC you're doing it wrong, I'm sorry.

Edit - this doubles as a workplace productivity issue, since it has been shown that people procrastinate less and generally do more stuff when they're perked up instead of a relaxed resting position.






I'm more of a recliner kind of guy. I've basically done away with the desk part of my desktop PC set up. I've got my monitor (50 inch 4K TV) mounted to the wall, my PC and gaming consoles are in one of those Kallax ikea shelving units. And I sit about 4-5 feet away from it at all times in my recliner. I've even built a keyboard/mouse tray that has an attached USB hub, and I built a lid so I can store it away when I'm done.

Maybe it's too comfortable, because I fall asleep gaming all the time now. It's wonderful.

Mbolibombo said:
Is anyone not endorsed by a gaming chair company saying they are actually good? :P

I'd take a desktop chair (even a low budget one) over pretty much any gaming chair I've tried. If you sit a lot in front of your computer, do yourself a favor (if you can afford) and buy a proper desktop chair.

Bingo :)  Im right there with you Mbolibombo.

A good comfy office chair is fine imo, or a comfy counch or lazy boy or whatever.
Its up to the individual, however comfort > everything else, when your gonna be gameing for long periodes.

Personally use a good office chair, not sure I'd ever want to go out and get a gaming chair tbh.

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Nothing is better than a lazy boy recliner. PC monitor on my right side and my TV 5 feet in front of me.

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Personally the ergonomics of those racer gaming chairs look awful to me, and they don't seem to have anywhere near enough padding for long gaming sessions. I have a feeling that most of the streamers are only using them because they got them for free from the chair companies who want the easy promotion. I'd much rather get something like one of those $250-$400 office chairs that La-Z Boy makes, which have very thick padding, good ergonomics, and a 10 year warranty. Something like that should be comfortable and actually last for years, even if they are pricey. I'm currently using a Staples Osgood office chair that I got for about $100 in a sale a couple of years ago, and I've had alot of issues with it because it's not really made for a guy my size (already had to send in for replacement parts once, which were a pain in the ass to replace), really need to upgrade soon. 

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I guess there is some usefulness for racing and flight sim games specialised chairs, but not much for other games.

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Never had problem with desk chairs or office ones in general. Don't see why I switched for something more "sophisticated"

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