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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon may as well embrace microtransactions/lootboxes

From a business standpoint, not doing so is just leaving money on the table at this point. Nintendo has already shown they don't care about integrity or making the best game they can with this franchise, and the consumers have already shown they'll buy the games no matter what, so what's stopping them? Of course from a consumer standpoint, we shouldn't want them to make the games even worse, but that's from a linear perspective.

The way I see it, by making this bad game even worse, the additional cash flow can be used to make Nintendo's better games even better. Imagine if Fire Emblem Three Houses had a bit more money put it into it, it probably wouldn't look almost as bad as Sw/Sh lul. Basically, if Pokemon is going to be Nintendo's black sheep, they may as well take full advantage of it.

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There have been several threads about this game that have been dominated by you explaining why you don't like it, several of which I'm pretty sure involved mods warning about repeated flaming or flaming adjacent posts at least some of which were from you. That's not to mention the fact that you've done the same thing about Fire Emblem too. This thread really doesn't add anything of substance to the conversations that already ran out of any substance they had, if there was any at all. I don't believe this is even a legitimate attempt to discuss microtransactions, but a very poorly veiled attempt to bait people who have been enjoying these games into defending it.

I'm going to ignore it from here on out and instead think of a topic worth actually discussing that will add value to the board, and would suggest anyone considering taking the bait should do the same. Hopefully mods will lock it.

Aside from the fact that there already is Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters, the argument in the opening posts seems to have been made in bad faith.
So thread locked.