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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series X Size Comparison


What do you think

It's a Thick console 4 26.67%
It's an OK consoles 2 13.33%
It's Mini ITX PC 3 20.00%
It's a Monolith, All hail Monolith 1 6.67%
It's a Fridge , To cools it powerful spec 5 33.33%

Bigger than expected, its like stacking three X1X units. Its fine for me, should fit most entertainment furniture fine, but I imagine it could be an issue for some.

Curious to see if the Series S will be smaller. That would sell better as well given it would be cheaper. They're pushing the Series X to boast about power, but I feel the Series S could be the real focus.

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Looks like a mini itx tower, it looks great honestly.

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I'll find a spot for it.

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Need to see it in person but not sure where I would put one based on that vid. On the floor?

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I think it would be nice for them to offer two versions on the system with identical specs, but differing case profiles. Some of us might prefer a more traditional shape. But, this one looks cool, if one has the appropriate place to put it.

That's around 3 stacked XBX? lol.


Wow. Thats a... Big Black Console.

The tower shape is simple but somewhat not a bad idea. Usually the most unused space is... upwards.

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Well I really liked the design of XSX even with a lot of people making joke of it. But I thought it was a lot smaller.

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