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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor; Kojima are making Horror Games

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What do you think

Yes i want a P.T for next gen 9 69.23%
Yes i want another horror... 0 0%
No i want a Metal Gear So... 1 7.69%
I want Kojima making a dancing games 3 23.08%

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It's cool and all that, but I don't play horror games any more. Too stressful. I voted for the wrong option.

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As long as he manages to get the PT crew back to work, I'm all for it (Cancelling a horror game with Junji Ito was a crime, I swear...). Besides, maybe this will keep him away from too much artsy stuff in his projects.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I know horror games is one of their strenghts but tbh I hardly every play that genre anymore, I'd be very curious to see what they can come up with if they tackle a different genre like fantasy/action/adventure. Their job in last gen's Lord of Shadows was pretty good.

Didn't care for Death Stranding but its visuals would suit a horror game very well. I can definitely get behind Kojima on this.

Quiet Mountain, coming 2022.

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I want Death Stranding 2 about connecting Europe again,i would really really enjoy a game like Metal Gear but that would be unlikely to be developed.

Maybe he can reboot Siren.

I love horror and if he can get the P.T. guys back I´m all for it, that short game..more like a demo, actually.. was better than most horror games, imo...and with next gen tech to boot

Finally, we can get Kojima on a genre that suits him better for his ideas !

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If comedy like Scary Movie can awaken Kojimas horror soul, imagine the terrifying spectacle he would be able to create if someone shows him the real horror.

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